Who We Are

Valgrisa the first "prêt- à porter montagnard" brand of the Western Alps, get its name from Valgrisenche, where the ancient art of loom weaving has always been practiced.

Firmly rooted in the Valle d'Aosta, Valgrisa expresses the passion for a territory and its excellences: from the characteristic yarns, the rare Rosset wool, to the ancient tradition of hand-made "tisserand" of the Valgrisenche and Champorcher, to drawings, paintings and photographs that have portrayed over time the garments worn in the most authentic and popular alpine tradition.

An in-depth study of the history and commitment to the development of indigenous manufacturing, to which Valgrisa adds the search for a design capable of reinterpreting each garment as a contemporary classic, for anyone who is not subservient to fashion but is looking for a timeless style.

This is how the collections of jackets, a symbol of the fashion house, but also pants and accessories are born, combining the fascination of tradition with a more comfortable fit.



Valgrisa® S.r.l.

Via Mons. De Sales, 7

11100 Aosta


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Press Release

All the editorials that talk about us.

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Valgrisa Club

An opportunity reserved to all those who choose to live the Valgrisa style.

A calendar of tourist, sports, culture, food and wine events to discover the most amazing Aosta Valley, in the company of the best experts and in unique contexts.

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