Discover, reveal, enhance the beauty and uniqueness of the artisan tradition of the Aosta Valley, reinterpreting it, is the challenge made by Valgrisa® with its collections, creating a new paradigm for stylish and comfortable sportswear.

Still today, the Aosta Valley has numerous artisan realities still unknown to most people, that had developed in ancient times for functional and commercial purposes, but which have always been able to express also care and an extraordinary refinement.

Valgrisa® wants to be the international messenger international of this history and this valuable art.



The first inspiration for Valgrisa® garments refers to iconographic sources. In fact, the regions that possess historical archives and ethnographic collections as important and well preserved such those of the Aosta Valley are rare.
The study of these Valgrisa materials is accompanied by active listening and field research, interviews and meetings with men and women who are custodians of the memory of the territory. People, often elderly, who tell how their grandparents dressed, how they worked and how they lived.
The Valgrisa®collections testify to these stories and renew them with technology and cutting-edge design, keeping them alive.


Elegant but with character, sporty but attentive to detail. Valgrisa® is the new contemporary classic Alpine style, rich in history and tradition, modern in use and interpretation.
Those who wear Valgrisa® choose to be the protagonist of a passion, that for the mountains, the wealth of its craftsmanship and the materials from ancient history, that across the boundaries of the valleys become a common, precious and timeless heritage.


Attractive design, elegant, modern and functional finishes, fabrics treated with new technologies to improve comfort and performance, a distribution network and a unique communications: innovation intervenes and turns traditional mountain clothing into modern products.

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