The choice of raw materials for Valgrisa® is one of the most important moments.
The fabrics of the Aosta Valley, historically produced for functional purposes, become the stimulus to find new combinations, new emotions, and new tactile contrasts.
Materials of tradition and luxury come together in Valgrisa® products, erasing all prejudice and proving that, often, elegance comes from the simplest things.



The Aosta Valley has three historical weaving activities: wool, hemp, loom, and bobbin cotton. Around these three different processes, Valgrisa® develops the proposal of clothing and accessories. Historical and sturdy fabrics, like velvet, corduroy and hemp are enriched with warmth and softness in their encounter with the more delicate fibers such as cashmere and silk.
Valgrisa® carefully doses all the materials to give each garment the best comfort and the best fit.

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Each Valgrisa® product is made to last.
Expert hands have transferred their skills in small details that they know how to be appreciated by anyone wearing a Valgrisa™ garment.
The finishing, strictly Italian tailored, is of superior quality, the additional corollary that turns every Valgrisa® garment into a unique garment, not only for the history of which it is a witness, but also for the quality of workmanship.


Valgrisa® is committed restoring to historical garments those characteristics of weather resistance that, in earlier times, were obtained with lengthy manual processes, such as repeated washing in cold water and beating the wooden hammer.
New technologies come to the aid of tradition: Valgrisa garments are subjected to cutting-edge waterproofing (Bionic Finish®) treatments which make the fabric resistant to water and snow.

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