Chatelaine Velluto Salvia

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This is a jacket made of hemp, hand-woven by the cooperative Lou Dzeut Champorcher. Born to be a classic in a fabric which today is brand new, La Chatelaine, the chatelaine, a women's jacket of timeless sophistication. The design recalls some typical forms of Valle d'Aosta clothing, very dear to Valgrisa ®: the rounded pockets, four-button cuff, the martingale. Horn buttons and leather inserts add a precious touch. The thick texture, with excellent heat resistance, La Chatelaine makes the perfect jacket to wear from spring to autumn.
Hemp yarn durable and solid, appreciated for military use for over a hundred year, takes the form of a jacket that enhances the characterisics of pleasantness and value. The Lou Dzeut Champorcher cooperative hand spin, as before, on small frames of Renaissance design . A slow and detailed workmanship, a few meters per day. The fabric is then treated with finishes and façon in classic Valgrisa style.
La Chatelaine comes with a book that accompanies in historical places and periods that have seen hemp weaving develop in the Valle d' Aosta. Co-written by Mariagiovanna Casagrande and Teresa Charles, two friends and deep connoisseurs of the valley of Champorcher, the book contains historical and fictional testimony of the ancient and difficult art of weaving. After Lodrà, Chasse Royale and 1865 La Chatelaine also contribute to enrich the library of all those who recognize themselves in the montagnarde style and elegance proposed by Valgrisa.

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