Chasse Royale Marrone

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A jacket that amazes not only for its history but also for the originality of the workmanship. Towards the middle of the nineteenth century, King Vittorio Emanuele II, a passionate hunter, often used to visit the Aosta Hunting District, the uniform of his gamekeeper was composed of a vest under a jacket, entarmbi characterized by multiple external pockets. Made entirely by Italian craftsmen, Chasse Royale evokes the taste of Savoy, and reinterprets it. A moleskin waistcoat, with numerous pockets, over a practical soft velvet jacket repropose a functional and elegantly sporty style. The internal lining is well known to those who are already wear Lodra'™: the exclusive tartan design in Valgrisa® colors. The buttons, anciently engraved with the emblem of the Royal House, are made of zinc alloy, a modern metal alloy, printable at high temperatures, and bear the Chasse Royale™ logo, a reminder of the royal uniforms.
Chasse Royal is made of velvet and corduroy (brown or green) , cashmere and moleskin or just cashmere, the last two versions exclusively on order. Practical , modern and original with its eleven pockets, the jacket is weather resistant thanks to the Bionic Finish treatment. The unique cut, the comfort, the fit, the fine finishes made exclusively by Italian craftsmen (in the cashmere versions the buttonholes are individually hand-made), make it a unique piece, in true mountain style, appreciated by those who love to evoke the hunting world with style.
The right outer pocket of Chasse Royal hides a book, a tribute to Valgrisa customers. Written by a group of friends of Valgrisa and of the Valle d'Aosta: Roberta Rio, Francesco Marone Cinzano, Enrico Martinet, Luciano Barbera and Pietro Passerin d’Entreves, who signed the introduction. A book that tells of hunting without any academic assumptions , but as a pleasure to share experiences and points of view, from strategic and structured hunting, as was the case at the time of the House of Savoy, to the more tactical, almost destructured, as in the story by Martinet. Along with the publications that accompany Lodrà, La Chatelaine and 1865, the volume makes up the small Alpine library dedicated to those who recognize themselves in the elegance and style of Valgrisa.

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