Lodrà Classic

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Made in drap with Rosset sheep's wool, a native breed of Valle d'Aosta, Lodra takes inspiration from the jacket that Courmayeur guides wore the mid-nineteenth century their epic undertakings and to accompany clients onto the highest peaks. A functional piece of clothing which had to protect the wearer under all weather conditions, even on ice, over 4,000 meters. Comfortable and attractively classic, the Lodra jacket is perfect outerwear for the mountains, but also impeccable in the city, to be worn with pleasure at every opportunity.
Lodra'â„¢ is simple and straightforward, purposely without frills. Three roomy and lockable pockets, another two are external positioned to ensure maximum comfort, a pocket for your favorite clutch bag, a closable collar with loop fastening for when the cold makes itself felt. Buttons in real burnt horn. A concentration of elegant simplicity.
Free with Lodra, an exclusive garment bag made by Les Amis du Bois craftsmen of Introd, and a custom made garment cover to store your Lodra in the closet and take care of it in time. Together, you are given a short publication dedicated to the history of Lodra and its protagonists: Valgrisa, the cooperative Les Tisserands of Valgrisanche and the Rosset ewes. The book, along with the accompanying Royal Chasse, La Chatelaine and 1865, is part of a small alpine library dedicated to those who recognize themselves in Valgrisa elegance and style.

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