Arc en Ciel Tortora

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Arc-en-Ciel ™ is a garment which Valgrisa ® created with particular passion. Starting with the search for material: a multicolored fabric obtained by meticulously positioning 15 threads in 15 different colors in a frame. But let's take a step back. The history of this fabric, made on antique looms in Valgrisenche, is that of an ancestral and wise tradition of not wasting anything. In ancient times, in fact, the remainders on spools, left over from previous monochrome textures, were placed on a creel in a certain order, creating a warp, until all the yarn was finished. The plot was then worked to obtain a unique fabric each time. Fascinated by this story of reuse and craftsmanship, Valgrisa® chose all the colors of nature in the Valle d'Aosta to create the unique fabric of Arc-en-Ciel ™.
The wool used for processing Arc en Ciel was subjected to the ancient process of milling in pieces especially effective for improving robustness and compactness. The fabri c is then composed, upon precise indication of Valgrisa, with fifteen colors in the warp, which is woven in a strictly monochrome weft thread, plain cream or taupe color, to obtain a unique fabric. Special care is given to the velvet inserts and buttons specifically designed for Valgrisa. The modern and young fit is characterized by details typical of the Lodrà outerwear: cut of the pockets and shape of the cuffs. Arc en Ciel is a feminine and young jacket, which gives the pleasure of wearing a completely original garment, a jewel of craftsmen expertise.

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